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Skin Tightening


Body Sculpting

Fractional Cavitation 40k – Radio Frequency – Vacuum Bipolar.

Our non-surgical fat reduction treatments are a popular alternative to liposuction. This treatment is carried out using an ultrasound technology called CAVITATION. A low-frequency ultrasound is used to produce a strong wave that disintegrates the fat membranes into a liquid state.

This liquid is broken down into two elements. One is oil, one is water and both are processed by the body’s natural mechanisms. The oil content is picked up by the lymphatic system and is taken through the body, through the lymph system and then excreted. The water content is absorbed by the blood and utilised as energy within the body.

RF technology is a fantastic treatment for both skin tightening and cellulite reduction. The 3D-Body RF energy selectively increases the temperature of the fat cells, by doing so simultaneously in deep and superficial layers of fat. This increases the metabolism and release of liquid fat from fat cells. Normal cells can support 60 degrees but fat cells start to be melted at 41 degrees. After the treatment and release of liquid fat, the fat cells shrink in size, and skin is restored closer to its original form, reducing or eliminating the appearance of cellulite.

The vacuum created in any part of the body creates low atmospheric pressure, enhancing the blood supply and circulation to the cellulite and fat containing areas in the lower body. Due to the increased blood flow, fats are then transferred from fat cells to the working muscles where they are burnt off. The improved supply of blood, nutrition, and oxygen to the lower part of the body, in combination with the regular exercising of the muscles, leads to cells activity, higher metabolism and fast burning of fats.

Tri-Polar Radio Frequency is a term for ‘Energy’ in the form of a stream of photons of light that are moving at the speed of light. This Radio Frequency technology is applied to the skin and therapeutically delivers very controlled deep heating at the desired tissue depth to tighten the supporting structures on your face.  The RF technology comfortably penetrates the tissues deep down into the dermal layers where collagen fibres exist. When the collagen fibres are heated to the appropriate temperature, the fibres and connective tissues contract and multiply, which firms and tightens and improves your facial shape and the appearance of your skin. The radio frequency face lift has been approved by the FDA as a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and facial skin imperfections. This treatment requires no downtime. Best of all, results are immediately noticeable, and they become even more so in the weeks following the treatment as the build-up of collagen affects further skin contraction.

Red LED light as part of every sculpting treatment will increase collagen production in the skin, which gives the skin its elasticity. Increasing fibroblast production, which helps produce collagen and other tissue fibers. Increasing circulation between blood and tissue cells. Protecting cells from damage. Reducing wrinkle severity.

One Area

1 Session £130

6 Sessions – £650

Two Areas

1 Session £240

6 Sessions – £1150

Three Areas

1 Session £360

6 Sessions – £1800

Four Areas

1 Session £470

6 Sessions – £2350

Five Areas

1 Session £590

6 Sessions – £2950

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