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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Transparent T&C

  1. We guarantee the best standard of treatments, customer service and experience however we don’t guarantee expected results. Results may vary from  person to person.
  2. Refunds have to be requested in writing. Discounted package refunds can be requested in full if the package was not activated. Once the package is active you will be entitled only to a partial refund of 50% of the remaining value.
  3. Initial Payment towards any payment plans is none refundable, late monthly payements may result in freeze of account and sessions may not be provided.
  4. We have a strict 48 hours cancellation policy which may result in fees; Late cancellation is £15 or No show £25. This way we make sure all the client have fair access to the appointment availability,
  5. We require that you fully shave the area that will be treated with laser. This is for your own safety. Failure to prepare for the session may result in loss of session or cancellation fee of £15.
  6. Resting periods for laser hair removal are as follow;  the face a minimum of 6, maximum of 12 weeks, the body a minimum of 8, maximum of 14 weeks.
  7. Late arrival to your appointment may result in reduced  treatment time and not providing the full service or loss of session or cancellation fee of £15.
  8. All clients are required a test patch before any laser treatments and eyelash/eyebrow tint.